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This week has been pretty much insane for Mike and I. We had some extremely tight deadlines and we were jumping back and forth on our one iMac in our possession trying to work as quickly and detailed as possible at the same time while the other was researching and blogging on the Macbook Pro, which has led us to trying to find a way to make a major purchase on another iMac it almost is becoming necessary. 

Also this week our good friend Jonathan has moved in with us…yes into our tiny space. Jonathan is working downtown Traverse at the coolest shop in town called Ella’s. So if you see some very stylish man in there that is our friend Jonathan. We are very excited to have him with us as another creative individual amongst us he has already been a good inspiration in our lives. We actually all stayed up late one night and completely reorganized the house. Totally fun!
Well Mike normally would be writing today but he is not going to have time today so I will be in his place today. 

I wrote my post today at Simply Blue Weddings on Registering Right and I realized that some of the coolest things are sometimes not brand new when it comes to your wedding. We received the coolest set of plates from my grandparents that were from England. They are beautiful! Though I have no where for them now I am excited for the day I have a home I can use them in. But they also gave us an old clock and barometer that has a personal note on the back and a great quote about sailing in reference to life from James Riley that says
Whatever the weather
may be – says he,
whatever the weather 
may be,
It’s the songs ye sing
and the smiles ye wear,
That’s a makin’ the
Sunshine everywhere. 

And even more so my mother did a quilt with quotes and fabric from tons of people who were invited to our wedding mostly close friends and family. It is so cool to read the advice and be covered in the love we have from all of those very special people in our lives. 

So today on Friday I thought I would show you guys a really cool place to find some items for gifts or for your home that can bring in that kind of history love when beginning your home together that can become pieces that can be passed down for years to come. 
Now you can go to Thrift stores and Antique Stores but I love Fossil Finds and it is secretly hidden on their site, which I love as well so you guys are getting some deep secrets here 😉
Here are a few of my favorite finds. 


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