Friends in Kenya

Recently a couple of my friends headed out to Kenya to work at Tenwek hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in Africa, for a semester. Upon hearing they were going I was very excited for them about the experiences they would be having. I have been living vicariously through them wishing that I would have an opportunity like this but as I read their blog my heart aches for the people they are meeting. I would love to share their blog with you as they go through the next couple months. They are doing things and seeing things I could never dream of. 

I know most of my blog focuses on design and inspiration but I felt this made me draw back a little. I realized that some of the things here are so frivolous in comparison to what they are doing. It is very humbling and inspiring. I dropped in a few of their photos that they had on their blog. 

Check out their experiences through Caitlyn’s eyes: World Traveler

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