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My favorite part of the year is summer, especially the summers in Northern Michigan. I was just riding up the shoreline to our tablescape shoot the other day with Mike and we both were in awe of the beauty that we live in. For all of you that think Michigan is only cold and looks like Detroit, I will let you keep thinking that because this is a true secret that it’s okay if you don’t believe me, but I sure love it here.


But I do not love summer simply because I can ride my bike everywhere, it’s sunny and warm, or because long about July Lake Michigan feels like bathwater, but because of the opportunity to grow great food. The temperament in  Northern Michigan is the perfect climate for the production of fruits and vegetables at their finest. I am amazed by the number of farmer’s markets and the opportunity all of us have here to enjoy pure foods and locally grown food. Once again I could not ask for myself and feel blessed every day.

So as I am thinking about my garden bed that we are building I have come across some great items. Some of which I have bought and others I am just drooling over. I thought you all would enjoy.

All items are from Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Target (Smith & Hawken), or Etsy.

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