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So the first real snow has arrived in Traverse City today. It never fails that right around Thanksgiving you get the first feeling of Christmas. It’s like someone up there turned on a switch for the holidays. There is no place on earth other than maybe New York that I am more sure that all the holiday songs were written about. I am sure they were all written here in Traverse City and I don’t care what anyone says. I love the holiday season and I love the feeling of friends and family around. I love cuddling into bed at night and waking to fresh snow. There is nothing better!

As the snow is flying outside and beginning to stick I thought why not bring up some super cute ideas for gifts or even to take on creating yourself. 

I am not sure if many of you have heard of felting but basically it is process done one of two ways. Either you have freshly died and spun loose wool that you use to needle felt into balls or shapes than it is shrunk using hot water and a warm dryer. This takes wool from a larger loose feeling to a tight night and warm fuzzy textile that can be used for multiple things. The other thing you can do is do some recycling by taking all those old sweaters that are so gorgeous but may not fit right anymore and run through the same process. Ever accidentally shrunk an a wool sweater? I am sure that was a sad day but now when that happens you can use it like fabric to make anything you can think of from mittens, hats, or even stuffed animals or fun plush veggies to have as play things for the kids. 

Whatever you may want to do but I found some very cool items on Etsy that were done by vendors on there. So check some of these cool ideas out! 

Only two more days till Pumpkin Pie!!! YEAH!

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Felt Jar ]

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