Getting Ready

So I am getting ready. Getting ready to fly out to Salt Lake tomorrow morning for Alt Summit. Getting ready to launch the new Fresh Exchange site this evening. Getting ready to celebrate my 25th birthday tomorrow. Yeah not much going on over here at all. ha. 

This is all why I am slacking today on posting. Trying to tie up loose ends on projects and make sure all emailing has been sent. I am honestly looking forward to flying tomorrow morning all on my own with my iPad loaded up with a good book and just relaxing before things get all crazy during Alt Summit. Kind of sounds magical at this point. I will get myself a birthday latte and read a book or maybe even nap. Best part of flying is knowing you are not in control of anything. 

As for the new site. If all goes smoothly (currently the site is down) I will be switching on the new Fresh Exchange this evening. Kind of been feeling overwhelmed but I have wanted to make this happen for so long and now it is finally there. Please forgive any kinks you may experience while checking it out. Still trying to work out all the bugs.

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