Great Art For Friday

I have talked about this a few times but while in college my favorite class I had was Color Theory. I loved the idea of putting together a palette that dictated a whole piece whether it be a room, painting, design, drawing, or photography. It is always the base of any design and where you should start everytime. 

In the recent months I have had a strong urge to get back into painting and to purchase some large canvases for the long winter months that are quickly going to be approaching. Not to mention with the water as warm as it is and the prediction for below normal temperatures this winter I feel we may be buried and will need some kind of entertainment. 

On the same lines I have wanted some large canvased art for our house to bring life onto our white walls and to unify the rooms. So when I saw the work of Frances Photography on Etsy I fell in love. Granted I thought these were paintings at first but from further reading I found out they are actually photography. I love seeing abstract landscapes. My color theory professor painted in blocks of color that represented the landscapes and I always loved that because it allows the viewer to bring their own ides into the art and have a more personal experience with the piece. 

So I thought I would share some of Frances Photography’s work for this friday. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

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