Happy Birthday to my Valentine

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It is not just Valentine’s day here at the Gilger house it is also someone’s Birthday officially. Mike is a Valentine’s baby it always makes Valentine’s day that much better. I am not much for big romantic gestures but I am all for intimate dinners and sweet hand written notes oh and maybe a sweet treat. So marrying a man who has his birthday on this day makes it that much more fun.

I thought I would give Mike a little shout out on this day:

In this last year I have learned more than ever from you. You have made me a better person. You have pushed me out of my comfort zone and believed in me when I could not. We have our moments but at the end of every day you are and will always be my best friend. There are times you know me better than I know myself and I couldn’t be happier to have you as my partner in life. I am blessed and thankful to have someone so brilliant, sweet, smart, talented, and genuine to share each day with.

So Happy Birthday to the one person who has made life better than I could have ever imagined. You are the brightest light in my life. You are truly home to me. Cheers to laughing together in the great times, to holding each other up in the tough times, and to encouraging the best from one another each day of our lives. You are everything. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day full of sweet treats, hugs, and sappy love movies. Yeah I might need to watch Pride and Prejudice or something 🙂

PS. This photo was from our engagement session almost three years ago. It still to this day is my favorite photo of us.

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3 Responses

  1. I was happy to read the shout out to your husband. My daughters bday is on valentines day. We just celebrated her first bday.
    Can i share that i am actially disapointed that her bday is on valentines? I am silly to feel this way. I am grateful she is a beautiful, happy and healthy girl. I just cant seem to shake off thAt she was born on a holiday. IT felt aWkward on her bday n i tried to make the best of it Bc i was happy to celebrate her, but was sad that vday is over foR my husband and i.
    So, not only do i feel bad that we can no longer celebrate vday bc its all about my daughter, but i also am concerned that my daughter will disLike that her bday is On vday. I sure hope she GENUINELY embraces it to the fullest and enjoys the fact that her bday lands on Same day As vday.

    Can u give me insight on your husband’s experience? How has he felt about his bday? Is it a positive or negative thing for him? Would u be willing to share with me? Im hoping i cAn get through this. Its dumb of me to tHink this much of it. There’s nothing i can do, but change my perspective. Thank you

    1. Well the truth is Mike and I don’t really like Valentines day and our son was almost born on the day as well. He was born on the 7th (a week early). So we have a lot of birthdays in that month…I think about 10 of my family members are born around Valentines day. Personally I never liked the holiday and hated the pressures of it so I was so glad to have found someone who had their birthday that day so we could celebrate it together. He does not like that every single person he tells his birthday to says, “Oh a Valentines Baby.” but other then that the day in our house has always been about him for the most part. I find it is a day to celebrate him which isn’t that what the holiday is about technically? So that said, we do many times do something special for his birthday and then we always plan another date night or something another day either before or after Valentines day and we make that a more general Valentines thing. So maybe that is what you guys can do…Think about her birthday as her birthday and then plan your own “Valentines Day” a few days later. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and I think if it helps you then even better. But no he doesn’t have a hard time with it and my other girlfriend who is born on Valentines as well doesn’t either. They enjoy it and love all the love. It is pretty cool.

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