Happy Birthday!

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It is crazy to think it has been two years since this crazy little pup came into our lives. Nellie is one of my most precious things in life. She fills our life with good laughs, adventure, and great company. In the last year she has been there through us transitioning into married life and loved us through every minute of it. 

She is the perfect studio dog sitting at our feet day in and day out not asking for much more than a pet from time to time and a little romp in the yard every day. She is calm, collected, and always up for a new adventure. She is quiet the personality and it is hard to imagine life without her. We are convinced she knows English and just wish she could speak it. 
There is nothing more she loves than being right with us no matter what we are doing. She is known for her deep love and for her oversized stuffed tiger that she sleeps with and drags around the house everywhere. Our friends all know her favorite moves on tiger later at night.
I could go on and on about this little bundle of pure happiness but you can see her from pup to one year at this post from last year. When we got her all we wanted was a dog that would be loyal, chill, and perfectly integrate into our life. We knew we would be home a lot and needed a calm dog that could take the long work hours but we also wanted one that would challenge to get us outside and enjoy long hikes but never need a leash. Nellie is everything and more than we ever dreamed a dog could be and though she has her moments she runs into the house with mud up to her belly we still find it adorable and humorous. 
We feel so lucky to have such a great dog that we know will be the perfect fit for when we begin a family someday. We know she will love our children as we will. We know she will always be up for the craziest adventures that are still to come in life and the long travels we may or may not have. 
So Happy Birthday Nellie Anne! We will take you for a long walk today searching for squirrels and birds you can chase. 
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