happy friday

Last night Mike forced me to go to bed early and today is better for it. I could have worked I had the drive but sleep was so necessary. A good way to begin the weekend. 

This week has one of reminding of the important things in life. There are times I forgot and lose perspective of what matters and this week brought me back to reality a little. We need to stop and slow down. Remember that your job never defines you no matter your passion for it. The most important thing is to live making other’s lives better and in return your own. We need to hug the ones we love more often, drink warm drinks on cold evenings and laugh with friends and family more often. Life is very precious and we shouldn’t take it for granted. 

So if you had every intention of working this weekend…quit! Make plans to love the ones around you. Your weekend will be fuller because of it. 

On the other hand. I wanted to give you a preview of this gorgeous Senior Photo Session Mike and I did last night with Mariah. Yeah she’s probably one of the coolest Seniors ever. This girl can play the guitar and she dresses like a rockstar. I am jealous of how well she knows herself at such a young age. It’s amazing! I cannot wait to hear and see what she does in the next four years of life!!
I have to say it was hard to choose just a few images but I am so in love with the colors of fall and how awesome this shoot was with a guitar and horse. Very cool!!!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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