Happy Long Weekend!

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Every time I look at these photos I get that geeky smile in the bottom right corner…yeah that one! This day with Bryan and Mae exploring and sailing may have been one of my favorites all summer. Actually some of my best memories from summer were spent with them. This summer felt so good, warm, and inspiring. I loved the abnormally hot days and how the water seemed more refreshing than normal. I could go on and on about how lucky I feel to be able to make a living and live in a place like Northern Michigan. I may miss some of what  big city has from time to time but every time I leave I cannot wait to come back…I think that is how you know where home is, don’t you? Being born and raised on the seasons of living on the shores of Lake Michigan is something that may be impossible to explain and only understood if you have been here. These summer days are seriously precious and when September rolled around yesterday I was reminded of their sweetness and knew I needed to share with you this awesome day we had.

Though summer is ending and I am going to miss walking barefoot through the garden’s warm soil and the sandy beaches, September may be my favorite month in Northern Michigan. The cool mornings and nights with the warm days that paint the landscape in those amazing golden hues is beyond amazing. Driving up the shore of West Grand Traverse Bay and seeing the contrast of the oranges on the leaves with the turquoise of the bay makes me always hope I never take it for granted. 

So this weekend I hope to be able to begin to say goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn. It’s going to be a great month I can just feel it! Can’t you? 

Tonight we are headed to a friend’s house for a dinner to celebrate a birthday and I made these two desserts to pass ( mint ganache and pretzel, chocolate, pb tart)…yeah I know drool right?! I will make sure to share some photos of these yummy treats! 

I hope you have some wonderful and relaxing plans this weekend and that the extra day off provides for some recharging to prepare you for what the month of September is bringing for you. 

Here are the weekend links! 
1. This colorful engagement session makes me want to have photos taken of Mike and I again.

2. I am obsessing over the work of Windy Lane on Etsy. I really am cannot get over the texture and colors in these pieces. I actually dreamt about it last night…weird right?

3. The work of Danielle Kroll was very inspiring this week when she was on Design Work Life. I just love her type work.

4. When Emersonmade released their Fall line and new shop this week I was inspired in oh so many ways!

5. If you are a guy you need to be reading the Anchor Division blog…end of story.

I also blogged over at Simply Blue Weddings today for my series With Love. Don’t miss it!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it!!!! 


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