Happy Valentines from Rifle Paper Co.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rifle Paper Co.’s work. There is nothing like the colors and lettering of the very talented Anna Bond. For quiet some time Anna’s business model and achievements have been an inspiration to Hitch and our future ideas. She has successfully created a business built on beautiful work, gorgeous design, a focused style, and really gotten big with features in Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and Oh Joy! You can even purchase her stuff from Anthropologie!!

I love her work and have been following it for over a year and a half now. That said I was super excited upon receiving an email about her Valentines cards. I am smitten with the “I Love You” cards. We have more than four of her prints in our home and I seriously would have them all. Her playful ideas and style are heart warming and original. Though many people can try to copy Anna’s style there is no one who can replace Anna. Sorry fakers! She has made hand done design more than popular so go and support this talented lady…plus her printers are rad awesome (ie. Mama’s Sauce) or at least I might be bias since they print all of our work.

So stock up for Valentines day with Rifle Paper Co. Everyone will love the hand done touch to your stationery this year. Ooo and if you made awesome and cute invites get some custom work from Anna. Totally worth it!


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