Happy Weekend

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As I said in the Pin Love post this morning. I really have not kept up with what has happened in the internet world this week so I am most likely the worst person to post any good links for the weekend but I want to reference a few things from this week for you to feast your eyes on. 

Ready!? Let’s go!

1. You know my friends Bryan and Mae I talk about a lot well…They did this really amazing spontaneous shoot this week in Chicago. Check it out on their blog

2. I really love Bri Emery’s new Blog design for Design Love Fest! Also if you are not following her blog you have not lived. End of story. 

3. My garden is greatly missed as I am away so I have been looking through my garden pinterest board to get my mind around some more cool ideas to implement. 

4. I have been following Country-Faire for a while and have to tell you I love how the outfits are displayed. Make sure to check it out here!

5. Came across We Like We Love magazine and I have to say I have a new obsession! This will make for some good iPad reading in the airport on the way home Tuesday. 

Finally make sure to check out my post on Simply Blue Weddings today. This week Pink in a glitzy way. 

Happy weekend my dear friends!


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