Happy Weekend!

Very excited to share a some great links with you for your weekend. There were quiet the discoveries this week but I am going to keep it to five links still. So you know these are only the best of the best.

1. Some great E-mags that are necessary to keep up on Est Magazine and Matchbook Mag

2. Fell in love with Jeff Daniel’s personal site. Mostly am crazy over the design and then this album from the making of True Grit and yes those are his photography skills at work. Keep roaming on the site it’s worth it!

3. I fell in love with Jonathan Adler. Not to mention my talented fashion friend Grant shared with me he met him once (yes Jonathan adler himself) and has his card but he had no idea till later who he was! HA love those moments.

4. This week I have been dieing to make these, these, or these for dessert…still can’t decide.

5. I felt bipolar this week looking through wedding blogs. The hippie in me wanted this, the classic chic in me wanted this, but my real heart ended here this week.

6. Finally! April fools I told you only 5 hehe… This video and photo post by Chelsea Petaja made me want to jump on a plane this minute and fly to Paris. If only!

As always check out my color inspiration post over at Simply Blue Weddings…Happy weekend my friends!

The above image is from my living room taken with my iphone just in case anyone wondered 🙂

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