Happy Weekend!

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This week has been a little crazy. Trying to stay on top of deadlines and keep clients on top of deadlines always works out creating a crazy week but that is why you keep lists, calendars, and other great tools to
keep you on track. 

I always like to walk away from a week feeling like I understand something better about myself, my business, or a certain relationship in my life if not all of the above. This week I learned a lot about my business and the things that need to happen in order for progress to happen. As a business owner you realize the things that are moving your company and the ones holding it back. Sometimes the things that hold you back are still beneficial in other ways and some are not. It is a matter of either choosing to buck up or choose to leave something behind. Typically these are hard decisions but change is how things happen in life so we must be completely okay with it. 

I also have learned over the last week the extent of how introverted I am. Many of my closest friends probably knew this far before I did. When you add up how I work on my own and only keep very close friends and am not fans of shallow relationships you may be able to figure it out. I am truly happy working alone all day other than with my lovable golden retriever nellie (that cutie up above). It is just who I am and it is interesting when you really begin to understanding something like that that explains a lot about your habits and my complete need to be alone and how exhausted I get after a day of socialness. 

But in other news we need to recap on the week. I wanted to share my links as I always do. 

1. Emily Henderson. I have such a design crush on this lady it is sad. I love her work and her show is killer cool. So glad I can catch it online while I work since I don’t pay for cable (just don’t watch TV much). But she redid one of my favorite bloggers, Joy Cho’s living room. You can check it out here and then you can watch every episode thus far of Secrets of a Stylist here.

2. Which leads me into the fact that Joy also released some super cool notebooks with Target this week that were done through Chronicle books! Kind of thinking of ordering some. Check them out here.

3. Was very excited to add Jcrew’s tumblr to my feed this week. Cannot get enough of the behind the scenes scoop.  

4. I have been loving on a lot of art this week as usual on my pinterest account but when I came across the work of jillclee on Etsy my heart skipped a beat I am so in love and need one of these pieces badly!

5. Lastly a little project that should bring a little spring life to your space this weekend. Check out this DIY for creating a fun lampshade that is completely your’s.

Finally make sure as always you check out my post over at Simply Blue Weddings!


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