Happy Weekend

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This week has been one of those where it felt slow but then ridiculously fast and like I lost track of the whole week. I had a lot of to dos that did not even get touched this week which means for some working over the weekend to catch up on some quotes and design changes for clients. Hang in there all of you I am on it!

Outside of work we have had a good time. It is hard to separate my life from work with the lines blurred constantly but we enjoyed heading out with friends in the evenings and having time with family and friends. We did have our first experience this week with a deer. Last night we hit a deer. It was awful to say the least and realized what a total whimp I am about things like that watching the sheriff kick the poor thing to make sure it had gone on to the golden fields in the sky was not the highlight of my evening. 

Needless to say that was the worst of the whole week. Heading out tomorrow to meet with one of our wedding clients to reveal comps, which means I will be able to share some of what we have been slaving away on over the last few weeks. So look forward to that one next week. 

Also I get to spend some time this weekend and week with my friend Mae from Bryan and Mae Photography, which if you need a wedding photographer with some rad style those two are the answer! Very excited for antique hunting, drinking tea, good food, and lots of good company. 

Anyways I wanted to leave you all with a couple good links for the weekend. 

1. This DIY from Design Sponge on making your own Platform couch. Still trying to figure out other ways to do this would love to hear some comments. 

2. If you don’t know about TOAST from the UK change it. 

3. Make sure to check out my texture post on Simply Blue Weddings. Kind of in love with everything on it.

4. I am ridiculously inspired by Miss. Bri Emery  her blog is amazing and is such a great inspiration to other designers doing it on their own like ME! oh and I can’t get enough of her killer style and amazing blonde locks. 

5. When I need to be reminded why I live in Northern Michigan when it is freezing cold I just remember my favorite view: Harbor Springs on the bluff overlooking Little Traverse Bay and the Harbor. Hallelujah there is a God!

Happy Weekend! Enjoy it wherever you may be and who ever you may be sharing it with.

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