Happy Weekend!

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After looking through all the images from our drive through the Ozarks, I  realized how much I miss big rolling hills. I spent a large part of my younger years growing up in Kentucky amongst the rolling hills and grand vistas that cover the bluegrass state. Though I love Lake Michigan and everything it offers there are times I miss reaching the top of a mountain and seeing for miles. I love the feeling of realizing how small I am in comparison to the rest of the world. It always places life in a healthy perspective for me. 

This image is just a preview of some of what we saw when we went through the Ozarks and it was quite the adventure winding through back roads and small towns. I cannot wait to share the final part of our trip to Texas (remember we still have to leave and get back to Michigan too!). But the main reason I chose this picture is how it sums up every thing I felt along the trip. It was very humbling to stand on the edge of a cliff and just absorb that small moment in life. Not be thinking about how can I blog about this, did I respond to an email from a client, should I be sending a file, I need to return a phone call, or anything other than just taking in the view next to my favorite person in the world. I forget so often to live in the moment especially as a blogger and those moments are the ones that are the most rejuvenating. 

So this weekend I hope you find time to take it all in no matter what you are doing. Just to stop thinking about tomorrow or yesterday but just be there on that moment instead. It may be the most relaxing thing you will have done in a long time. Happy Weekend my friends!

image via me and the hubs


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