Happy Weekend

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This week has been very up and down in the best ways I think ups and downs can go. We began the week dreaming about possibly thinking about moving towards purchasing a house and now after a lot of thinking and reality checking ourselves we have decided to wait a little longer. I think another year of running our business on our own and being completely self-employed for a total of 2 years will give us more security that we can handle that kind of commitment. Also another year full of savings wouldn’t hurt either. We’re transferring a child trust fund to a junior ISA so our children can only withdraw the money when they turn 18.
It is such a huge decision to jump into something like that as I am sure many of you understand. I love the idea of having our own space but I also know it’s a huge commitment and not one that should contain too much emotion. And to be honest I kind of love not being tied down somewhere right now. At this point in our lives we are young and without kids why would we want to commit that much to one place at the moment. Maybe I just like the feeling of being able to be adventurous at any moment. 
Other than that this week we have obtained two great clients that we hope will be lasting and as they are much more corporate but still fit exactly what we are looking for in clientele. Love finding people like that to work with. It feels good to put my energy into helping other people like this. 
We have no real plans this weekend other than being lazy, enjoying the wonderful warm weather, and maybe some exploring. 
Anyways I hope you have wonderful plans together for the weekend. I have a few links to keep you company while cuddled up with a good cup of tea. 
1. I love TED talks and how they get me thinking about so many things. I was very challenged by the idea of having less stuff that Graham Hill talked about here.
2. Rue launched their Anniversary Issue and it was stellar.
3. I slyly ended up on Graphic Exchange this week…always thought it would be awesome to have designs on there and thanks to working with Mama’s Sauce I slipped in under the radar 🙂 Look for the Weber Card and the Black and White Bryan and Mae card.
4. This tumblr makes me think that having kids can be stylish.
5.  I am obsessed with the work of Luci Everett end of story.
Have a great weekend my friends!

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