Happy Weekend

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This may be one of my favorite pictures of Mike and I from this summer. We went to the beach one evening in Traverse before meeting up with some friends and the water was so perfect. I know we still have at least 4-5 weeks of good warm weather but these cool evenings are making me realize how precious that time is. So every weekend that is left I hope to soak it all up before it’s gone because I know I will wake up in a few months and see snow and I will be dreaming of that warm sun all over again. I hope you find a great way to enjoy summer on this weekend.

Mike and I have an amazing wedding to shoot this weekend and we really can’t wait. We love working for Weber Photography during the summer and getting to hang out with such lovely beautiful couples on the most happiest day of their life. It is always an amazing reminder of how beautiful life is and yes I am a total sap and tear up at all the toasts, first kisses, first dances, daddy daughter dances, and everything in between. Life is just too beautiful sometimes and I would be lying to you if I don’t let myself take it in as much as possible even when it means a few tears. 

Okay now on to the links for your weekend 🙂

1. So I said we shoot weddings for Weber Photography...Here are a couple (here and here) that are up on the blog. Also check out all the other weddings there are some pretty ones that Mr. Cory Weber shot himself like this one.

2. I really loved this shoot on 100 Layer Cake this week. I am a sucker for engagement sessions what can I say?! Especially when they look like this!

3. For almost 3 weeks now I have been dyeing to try to make my own Paella and I figure this recipe from Martha Stewart may be a good place to start. What do you think?

4. Totally digging blue velvet for fall. Not sure I can swing it but these heels and this couch are making me swoon. 

5. I cam across the blog Parker, etc. via Ms. Pink and am totally addicted now. This lady has got it going on and she is just freakin adorable. You have to check her out!

Hope you enjoy a good bonfire, a dip in the lake, a boating adventure, and a walk with an ice cream cone of some sort while wearing your favorite summer outfit. And to all you east coasters…stay safe this weekend we are all thinking of you!


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