Happy Weekend

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Yeah for the weekend! This week has been probably the most relaxing week of the summer. For once I don’t feel I am burning the candle at both ends with work. I can mellow out and take the days in more. And this week work hasn’t felt like work but rather a hobby. I believe this is how it should always feel. I have felt that I have been running running running to get things where I want them and it finally is beginning to come together. 

There have been quiet a few later evenings but not because I had to but rather because I wanted to. I have been grooving on the work I have right now and I have been in love with what has been coming together. 

The new blog design is pretty much complete after a late night session with me, photoshop, illustrator, and the iMac. I cannot believe it is real but it is and I need to be confident in it. Also the landing page for Ms.Pink and and I’s project was completed last night! I am not sure which is more exciting. There have been some happy dances happening around the office. 

It is such a beautiful thing to see these dreams becoming a reality and it has driven me even more over the last week. I just can’t wait to share more with you guys!!

So the above image was from when I went and styled a shoot with Bryan and Mae last week. I have a thing for line dried laundry and the lazy days it makes me imagine. I am sad to see summer come to an end, but I secretly am craving fall. It has been hot here (as in 90’s) and I am more of a layering kind of girl so the cooler weather suits my soul much more. I am anxious for bonfires, hearing of football, sweaters, leather boots, and scarves. Do I want winter? Ooo goodness no! If I could live in one season my whole life it would be Fall. I will continue to restrain my Fall posting ideas till we at least reach September and October, I promise!

Okay so the real reason you are…the weekend links!

1. I have a thing for Once Wed. They always have the most amazing weddings and whenever there is one I always wish I could be transported there to experience it. This is no different. The work of Samm Blake has always been one of my favorites but when they posted this wedding here, here, and here and then this engagement session I was in photography heaven. 

2. One of my favorite interior blogs is Bright Bazaar, which I know I am not anywhere near alone in that, but when Will posted this series of interiors I was in love at first site. The mood here is so wonderful. Don’t miss it!

3. Have you seen Marc Johns’ work? No well change that because it’s awesome!

4. I came across the blog of Cookie and Kate this week and this Blackberry and peach Galette looks like the perfect late summer dessert! Don’t you think?

5. Who doesn’t love a good DIY? I really love this string light tutorial on Loveliest Day and this repurposing of art on A Beautiful Mess. If I wasn’t going away this weekend I would be repurposing for sure!

As always make sure to check out my inspiration post over at Simply Blue Weddings. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am off to a friend’s wedding this weekend and a blue grass festival in farm country! 

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