Happy Weekend!

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This weekend may be one of the busiest of the summer for our little town, which you think it would have come and gone already with the 4th. But this weekend is even bigger with the ending of Cherry Festival there is the big parade, the fireworks over the bay, and local music abbounding on every porch and downtown restaraunt. Not to mention the Microbrew and Wine Festival and the 31st annual Bliss music festival in Harbor Springs. Does it get much better than that? I think not. So I am not sure which events will choose but I feel we shouldn’t miss out.


There is a feeling in the summer here that you have to cram it all in because we only get it for so long and then it’s over. You have to use your boat enough to make the expense worth it, swim in the lake enough to remember it’s there and how awesome it is, and walk downtown and see all the hustling and bustling because it is only is that way for so long. Its funny but also exciting. 

This weekend my goal is one thing though…get my garden TOTALLY weeded. It’s beginning to look like a jungle in there between the beans rows especially so I want it all done by Sunday. Considering the 3 hours I have put into it this week has gotten me almost no where I may have a lofty goal but even half way done would make my weekend. What are your plans for the weekend?

But here is what you really came for more than ramblings about summer:

1. I have been a follower of The Image is Found’s work for a while. They rock end of story, but this trip that Nate did with his daughter Grace in New York just stole my heart this week. 

2. Totally been obsessed with this wedding website I found via Brooklyn Bride. How cool huh?

3. Ever wondered how to make paper yourself? I have always wanted to do it and I saw this tutorial on Kiss the Groom and now I have to try it. 

4. Looking for a fun housewarming gift? The Blacklist Studio Prints may be the perfect solution. Kind of in love with their stuff!
5. When it’s warm out who wants to bake? I know I don’t so when I saw these two no baking recipes I thought they would be a good solution: No bake Cheese Cake and no bake chocolate cake.

Finally did you catch my post over at Simply Blue Weddings? It’s all about a Patriotic wedding!

Happy Weekend to you all! I hope you have a lot of fun and some good laughs this weekend 🙂

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