Happy Weekend: Do good

This is the first weekend I think will really feel like Fall, as in it’s chilly and rainy and I am debating about wearing wool socks tonight over my tights with my boots. It has been raining all day and it makes me want to wander through thrift stores with a good warm drink in hand. It feels like a good night for drinks with friends in a cozy place. 

This week I made a major move towards one my most recent goals, opening a shop with some of my own prints. I have been thinking about it for a while and have been nervous to even think about it. But after Steve Jobs passed away I realized how fearful I was of failure and how I needed to take a leap. I found an amazing deal on a professional printer and decided I needed to get real with myself and make the jump and I did. I hope to begin here and then revaluate other forms of printing and working with some of my good printing friends…yeah you know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have not hammered out the details of the shop just yet, but I am plans are coming together. I have been designing and doodling prints for over 4 months now and they are just sitting in a folder waiting for me to make something of them. I began doing it after I read ReWork. They mentioned creating residual income off of your scraps. As a designer I don’t necessarily have “scraps” but I have all these doodles and hand lettered items left over all the time, why not make them into something? So a lot of the pieces you see here on the blog have become the beginnings of a lot of the prints. All I know is my goal is for it to be reasonably priced and to make people happy and inspired. I really want the pieces to be true to my natural aesthetic and what I doodle on a daily basis. I have pages of ideas scribbled on my desk and honestly I feel I need a system of organization. I just jot things down whenever they come. I love it and realized this is something I have done all my life but am just now making it into something. 

All that to say I wanted to share with you all what is happening over at Hitch and all these little dreams that have been brewing in my head for a little while. Buying that printer felt like such a commitment and serious step that I think I felt it important to share with someone other than just the husband. 

Finally here are the weekend links! I know that’s all you really wanted ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope you have a good weekend full of cider and pumpkin things! 

1. If I wore t-shirts enough I would have all my drawers full of these tees and tanks

2. Did you know Blog Brunch has a blog? I and Katie write a lot of How-to’s and great Blogging Tips everyday check it out

3. Madewell is killing me with all their color combos I am not sure my color obsession can take much more (in the best way of course!)

4. If I could redo my wedding these would be my place cards. End of story!

5. Discovered the print shop, Cozamia via Decor 8…yeah total drool fest right?!

Happy Weekend friends! See you on Monday!!!

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