Happy Weekend: Fall Days

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So tomorrow is Blog Brunch I hope you all can make it if you are a blogger. I cannot wait to see how it all works out for the first time. Katie and I have tried to imagine how it will work but to see it really happen is a whole other thing. 

Last night we spent time finally putting effort into our space. Our friends Hillary and Matt and Grant are all coming over for dinner tomorrow night and we thought why not use it as motivation to finally hang things and so on! I am so excited about our space now. It is not perfect by any means but It is much better than it was when it was just our stuff placed arbitrarily around the space. but Mike has painted the above painting and I have been dying to put it up. I am in love with it. It is 4 ft by 3 ft so it is pretty large. I dig huge paintings and this one is one of my faves we have. How awesome is that? I know I am bias a little because he is my husband but still I know that would be pinned on Pinterest for sure if I saw it somewhere. He hopes to do about 4-5 more over the winter. I cannot wait!

Also this weekend for our friends are cooking a true cajun dinner. Mike is from Texas but some of his family is from Louisiana so he has always wanted to make a legit cajun dinner. I am pretty excited because I always love the cajun food when we get down south. There are going to be some family recipes involved and that always means good food. 

Okay weekend links and then you all have an awesome weekend and hopefully I will see many of you at Blog Brunch on Saturday!!

1. I am always a fan of Clayton Austin’s photography work and so it wasn’t a surprise that I loved this colorful wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

2. Have you ever seen James Moes’ work? No! Okay change that. His work is so gorgeous, raw, and natural. I love it. 

3. Some day I will have a house on Leelanau Penninsula that looks like this

4. This is so gorgeous! I would love to do this to a wall!

5. My cousin’s girlfriend’s family owns the most killer store here in Northern Michigan. It is called Huzza and they just opened their new online store. Not only are all the items awesome but I really love the images and the user interface design. Totally in love. 

Happy Weekend friends!

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