Happy Weekend: Time to Rest

Okay but really I am so happy like  this ranks up there with my wedding. This week was so wonderful. I felt like Katie and I jumped off a cliff and we could have landed in a messy pile but instead you all embraced our idea and have been taken aback by the love and excitement about Blog Brunch we have received. So thank you THANK YOU! I don’t know if I will say that enough and I am sure you are totally sick of it by now so that was the last one 🙂On the other hand of all of this I feel a little underwater with emails, projects, and billing right now. I know I will learn to balance everything with time but right now I feel like just shutting off my computer and crossing my fingers little magic elves do it all for me. ha. I am feeling like I do need this weekend to recover mostly creatively. I feel like I am in a creative hangover or something similar to that. Everything in my head feels foggy, disorganized, and disconnected. I know I need the weekend and a light day on Monday to get back to normal. So I plan to shoot a wedding tomorrow with Mike, which always helps to clear my head (doing something not behind the computer always is good!) and then sunday I plan to maybe go on an outdoor adventure since it is supposed be 70 something. Might be the last time I get good sunlight till our month or so in Texas in November. So I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing, and energizing weekend! I am going to do my best to stay away from the computer…wish me luck!Here are some links for you:1. Whenever I have a little one they will have these pants. Hands down the coolest thing ever!2. The Looks We Love on Jcrew blew my mind and made me excited for Fall. 3. I did not keep up too much with Fashion Week in NYC but I am totally obsessed with Jill Stuart’s collection.  4. Have you seen Moxee? No?! You are missing out for real Miss. Bre is totally adorable and her posts are wonderful every time it’s a home run!5. This neon wedding inspiration just made me happy in so many ways this week…or last week?! Yeah I need to take a break huh?!Also I blogged over at Simply Blue Weddings so make sure to check that out as well!Happy Weekend friends! 

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