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As a lover to typography and interiors I love to see them integrated together. There are tons of ways it can be done but there are certain ways that make my heart beat fast. I love old sign letters that may be slightly rusty but they are huge and heavy looking but when they are hung in the right room they can feel as if they were meant to be there. I also love to see them in prints and hung among clusters of art.

Type for years has been a form of art that many have taken for granted as something we use day to day and see everywhere but the craft that goes into creating a beautiful typeface can take years. Documentaries have been done on Helvetica and many other fonts. The creation of every curve and line says things that we may not totally acknowledge without thinking of it because 99% of the time the average person just accepts the type they see without thinking about it at all.

So for me as someone that takes type possibly too seriously I must have it integrated into my own space and have with hanging some very cool letters over our bed and even when I choose a clock I choose it very carefully based upon the typeface used for the numbers. With that in mind today I want to show some great examples of type integrated into a space. I am not talking about signs that say “Home” or “Laugh” I am talking about pieces that are seen more like art that feels part of the whole rather than something that is obvious about your space.

I hope you enjoy! Today we are taking the afternoon off since we worked most of the day from 9 AM till 1 AM last night before we have to jump back into work this evening again. We have a friend from College who has moved in with us and he has the day off so we thought we would go explore on this gorgeous Northern Michigan day!

Enjoy friends!

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