Honor & Folly

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Honor and Folly, Slow's, Detroit, Michigan, Bed and Breakfast


Honor and Folly, Detroit, Michigan, Bed and Breakfast

I have spent most of the week in Detroit working on some projects. I have been doing a lot of traveling in the state and have discovered some very interesting and unique places. Many people don’t know how Michigan is a place that is really changing, transforming, and coming out of such a terrible reputation financially. If you have not been to Detroit you may see it in quite a different light than what is really there. Parts of Detroit are truly sad but there is a slow revitalization in certain areas. Bold and brilliant creatives are beginning new stores, shops, restaraunts, and communities within the city. One of these amazing places is Honor and Folly. A B&B, Shop, and Cooking class location. Located right above one killer BBQ joint, Slow’s, the B&B is decorated with Detroit and local-Midwest products that are also for sale. Encouraging you to get involved with the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, Corktown, they suggest breakfast at a local coffee shop and strolling the streets to find unique finds.

Holding cooking classes and hosting events is something Honor and Folly does and does well. So If you plan on heading into the Motor City stay in style and in the classic Detroit way by crashing above the local Pub with Honor and Folly. Take a class, drink local brews with the neighbors, and find a hidden gem in a city that is slowly being revived by so many talented people.

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