I heart Austin

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 So I have finally gotten around to the photos we took while we were in Austin. We got one whole day there which breaks my heart because I honestly could very easily love here. I love everything about Austin, which every one told me I would. The people are super friendly, open, and creative. There is such a wide range of diversity in the area and did I mention it is beautiful. Whenever I get sad about winter I just think of the next time we get to go to Austin and I get excited and know I can make it till the next time we make it down.


I really wanted to share some of our favorite places we hit in the little time we were there. I have always been a major fan of South Congress but there are tons of awesome little areas like this in Austin so if you go make sure to check as much out as possible and break out of So Co.

There are some majorly cool local boutiques full of great vintage finds for reasonable prices and some you don’t want to miss all the awesome food if you are anything like me. I got some amazing suggestions for places to eat and honestly it was hard to not be tempted by the great food trucks all over so next time we are going to hit up some more of the suggestions.

To begin you cannot go to Texas and not have the experience of seeing a boot store and Allens in one you honestly should see. There are amazing boots here that if you are boot lover like me will leave you drooling. So we began there.

Also you got to love the view of the capital when walking around South Congress. I love it is such a focal point in the city.  
I have to say I am not becoming a fashion blogger but from time to time people ask where I get some of the thing I wear so I thought for once I would actually share. PS. Those jeans are kind of my favorite and at some point I should probably buy a second pair. Best $60 I ever spent. 

No the first time I came to South Congress I saw Uncommon Objects and fell in love instantly. It is like my favorite antique store meets the awesomeness of Anthropologie. They have the best collection of giant letters, random objects perfect to start a conversation, old postcards, and awesome jewelry I have yet to come across. I never have room to take the things I want back home but a girl can dream right?
How about that cowboy on the rabbit?  I am telling you you don’t want to miss this place if you dig old things or have a thing for the circus. So many awesome things here that make me want a giant loft apartment so I can cover the walls in huge light up letters that spell something silly. 

Stag is hands down Mike’s favorite store. He dreams of nabbing up one of those sweaters or some of the Imogene and Willie jeans they carry…maybe there will be some under the tree on Christmas day right right? But as someone who is a huge fan of men’s clothing and masculine interiors this is probably one of my faces on South Congress as well. Not to mention they have some great brands like Forage Bow ties and Hillside. Just saying. 

We were told that the Big Top Candy Shop was also a must. I am always a sucker for a good candy bar and especially one with a a legit soda fountain. But I don’t eat a ton of sugar so that soda kind of sent me over the moon on a sugar buzz…whoa! 

And to top off that sugar buzz I got a Hey Cupcake strawberry cupcake. I didn’t eat it till the next day cause sugar had gotten the better of me but oh it was yummy and a total must to end your shopping day on South Congress. 

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