The Importance of Sunday Hikes

The Importance of Sunday Hikes  |  The Fresh Exchange

Almost every Sunday Mike and I try to find the time to get out to the woods. One of the reasons we decided Raleigh was a good destination for us was it’s proximity to the mountains, ocean, and woods. We knew we could never leave behind our long hikes that would happen nearly every Sunday, no matter the weather, when we lived in Traverse City. We loved those moments of getting out, letting the dogs romp, enjoying the quiet, and discussing life. It has always been our way of ending one week and beginning another. Those hikes are what remind us to stay wilder, remember the simple things, and to keep us dreaming.

We love the chance to get out and explore before the next week begins. It is like soaking up those last few hours of freedom in your weekend before you settle back in to the work week. There is nothing like an open field or a forest to give you the fresh air and clarity you need to begin the week. Sometimes those hikes can give me the room to think about things that I have needed to such as mentally working through a design I am stuck on or even thinking through new concepts for a project. This is why I am a big believer in the Sunday hike. When you allow your head the space it needs to think, it can many times mean a better week ahead. Sometimes we just really need a little reminder of what is like on the other side of the computer screen to keep ideas flowing and dreams coming true.

Do you have any things you do to help you think through ideas? Are you an outdoors person? Also, if you live in the Triangle Area, where are your favorite hiking places and I mean like REAL hiking not a paved path?

Happy Monday friends! I hope this week kicks off strong for you.

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19 Responses

  1. hi there! i’ve stumbled onto this photo & i am in love with this font. did you make it/where can i find more of it? Something similar to this is what i have been searching for ages as a font for my logo <3

  2. Oh I love to spent time in the nature. But to be honest I’m not doing it often as I would like. This must change. Your thoughts on Sunday hikes are just the right amount of motivation I needed. Thanks! Happy hiking!

  3. My hubby and I find we get a little antsy if we haven’t gone on a hike in a while– and its winter in Idaho, so not much hiking happening these days! We tend to do intense hikes on Saturdays, which become our day to unplug and unwind, then Sundays are spent relaxing at a coffee shop, making dinner together and then a quiet evening reading and talking before bed. The quietness of spending time away from computers and phones, no matter what form it takes, always feels essential for awakening my mind. Even taking a shower or bath will do the trick!

  4. How I wish my husband and I could do this! He has bad knees so walking on rough terrain (or walking too quickly) puts a big strain on them. That being said, I used to take my dog on 1-1.5h walks on the nearby trails every week and I’ve been meaning to get back into it. Thanks for the post & the reminder. 🙂

  5. what a phenomenal idea! i’m going to start this little ritual immediately! since i’m in a colder climate, i’ll trade the great outdoors for one of our amazing museums or art galleries as they have the same effect on me as a good hike… thank you for sharing!

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