Inspired Now: Box64studio

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Any of you who went to college with me know of the super adorable and talented Kelly Stephens. One of the cutest moms I know hands down. 

But she inspires me for many more reasons than just her great style, skills as a mama, and being an all around awesome woman. What she creates and does as a designer/creative is amazingly inspiring. I have mentioned her on the blog previously but with all her recent publicity…here, here, and here…I could not pass up talking more about her once again. 

I just received her owl prints for my birthday from my sweet husband and they are even cooler than I expected (which is saying alot). Her printing is done with wood carvings she does and I have no idea where she finds the time to do it all. They are so cool and her paper choices are brilliant. But everything from her clipboards to her custom pieces she does are so beautiful and perfectly done. To say I am in love with Box64studios is a total understatement. So next gift you need I promise you will not be disappointed with choosing something from Kelly.

So if you want to know something about Hitch this would be it that Box64 is probably one of our biggest inspirations for successful business creation and staying true to your style. We are not there yet but I have loved watching Kelly’s business grow and I love seeing her roll through my blog roll every once and a while! It totally makes my day and cross my fingers we will be there one day with her as well.
You can keep up with Kelly, her designs, her store on etsy, and her adorable family all on her blog. I promise this one will make you smile all over!


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