Inspired Now.

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This weekend has been tons of fun. I know I kind of dropped off the face of the Earth but I felt like I needed to break out of my everyday working schedule and breathe a little. The problem with loving what you do is that it is hard to put aside. I had that problem the last few weeks so when Thanksgiving came around I felt I needed to step away. 

I love my family and friends and it felt wonderful to start a new knitting project, decorate for Christmas, cook A LOT, and bake A LOT and wear sweat pants and not feel guilty. Thanksgiving was different this year with my brother not with us and our friend/roommate Grant joining us but that is the beauty of life is the unexpected and it was one of the most relaxing and calm days. We slept in and went over and spent the day with my family hanging out drinking wine and grazing our way into the fullest I believe I have ever been. 

Now that it is Sunday and Monday is looming hours away I thought I would compensate for Thursday and Friday by doing a post today. I have been inspired by so many things lately I thought I would just throw them up here. These are from my file on the folder I drop it all. I am never completely sure where things comes from since they come from my Reader but all these images fill and challenge me as a designer and person. Hope they do the same for you. 

PS. I want snow!


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