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Okay well I have been admiring this artist for quiet some time it was not something that just happened at the spur of the moment.

Since I walked through Building 50 here in Traverse City for the first time I have been a fan of Renee Hartig. Renee is an artist from Portland, Oregon that also has a deep love for the Traverse City area. Her large canvases from time to time cover the halls of The Commons and are to be found at the amazing Gallery Fifty in downtown and at The Commons/Building 50. 

What I love about Renee’s work is her wonderful use of this burnt rust red/orange. It appears to me that she may start each canvas with the base as this color and proceed to layer the paint, scrape, and layer some more on top to create beautiful paintings that place a modern spin on classic impressionism. 

I love the slight whimsical details in her pieces that make you warm inside even if the painting may have a very dark palette or a stoic scene. It’s wonderful and I would love to own one of her pieces some day. They are beautiful and unique, which is what caught my eye with her work. Then it was the depth of palette that retained my interest. 

So enjoy her work and make sure to check her blog.

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