Interior Tuesdays – Nature meets Mid-Century Modern a beautiful hybrid

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A lot of times when you think of Northern Michigan you think woods, bears, deer, and anything else that goes along with the great outdoors. Wood textures here consist a lot of log cabins some extravagant and others made for a simpler life. Now when I am talking about wood texture today I am not referring to log cabins though I love them, but rather wood as a texture that is seen in many mid-century modern interiors. I love the juxtaposition of adding in the grain of wood with clean elements. Any natural item brought into an overall sterile environment or space creates an feeling of comfort and familiarity when there be none in a non-descript room. 


There are many ways you can do this though other than wood, a cowhide rug, large pieces of coral, antlers, or anything that can be brought from nature for that matter. When combined with a space that is not overtly screaming “this is a hunting cabin or want to make you think I am” these kinds of pieces can be great conversation pieces in any room. It can also be a great alternative or compliment to a very abstract landscape especially if it pulls in any of the colors or contrasts the palette at all. 

So I have placed some of my examples of adding nature into a space where you may not think it would fit. Do not underestimate the power of what is freely given to us outside our home to decorate just don’t string pine cones unless it is Christmas though. 

Not all the spaces are necessarily Mid-Century Modern but a lot of at least a few elements from the movement. Much of what is happening in design today are the combination of design movements and mixing and matching them to create a hybrid. It actually has become very beautiful.

All photos come from the following the sites: Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Home Sweet Home, and FFFFound

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