It’s a Triangle and Zig-Zag thing

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When it comes to choosing everyday items I look for clean lines with an edge. I think where they comes from is the designer in me wanting control but still something that has a fresh touch. All these items really hit that part in me. Also the colors are great don’t you think? Personally want to grab that necklace and put it on right now! Really am in love with hint hint to the hubs. 

As for today life went to a dinner last night in support of the husband, Mike. He is the other photographer behind Weber Photography and so I help him out on the weekends assisting and picking up the camera myself. Not sure if many of you know that. But it was a lot of fun to meet other creatives in the area and get to know their businesses better. Always cool to expand the people you know 🙂 

I feel a little behind on work, which I always do at the end of the week but we are in the process of moving out of our house and moving to our new space. I spent most of the afternoon cleaning the house since they started showing our space to potential renters. Have to be honest it’s kind of creepy when people walk around your house and sit in your drive way or come to the door to see the space…I get the grr face on. It just feels a little invasive. 

So anyways I will not be posting later today unfortunately Mike and I are going to the shoot on this rainy or rather be shot by Cory Weber in the blossoming cherry orchards. I am pretty excited. I have to pick something to wear. It is not killer warm so I am trying to think of how to dress myself and mike to accommodate or if I should buck up and wear a dress and sandal wedges and brave through the cold ha. I will definitely be posting some of Mike’s work and Cory’s work this summer so look forward to some great weddings and previews of what we are doing now that the weather is warmer. I always love this part of the year since I get to get out and be creative rather than sit inside behind the computer. Always great for my sanity ha. 

Anyways have a happy thursday guys! Go thrifting and find a treasure!

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