It’s Going To Be a Party

I meant to share this last night but it never happened between finishing projects and beginning to prep for packing for today and cleaning it just wasn’t very possible. 

So I wanted to share before I jumped left today. I also want to share one other post to tide you all over till tomorrow afternoon!

There is a funny story behind me making photo booth backdrops and I will be honest and say I have no idea what I am really doing. I come up with these ideas and share them and then someone usually comes up with some brilliant way to accomplish them. But Cory asked me if I could do them about 2 years ago when we first started working together and I am crazy and usually say yes to anything that sounds like it could be a good creative challenge. So this is the third backdrop I have made for Cory. I feel I finally perfected the art on this one. I am excited about accomplish the more complicated ideas I have brewing in my head right now. So I plan on sharing them with you as I create them from time to time. Currently we have this one and one other for the summer but sometimes we get crazy ideas and decide to just show up with one at a wedding for the heck of it. It always means a good time. 

Okay I am going to pack a little more and post before I head out this afternoon! Till then lovelies. 

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