Jack Spade: Mansperation

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Ok Ladies you had the Monday’s post but Tuesday goes to the boys.


I love watching, following, and meeting creative couples. There is something deeply spiritual/sexual about a couple that creates. So yesterday we posted on Kate Spade, but today is about Jack Spade, her husband.

For those unaware for the History or Inspiration of the Jack Spade brand here is an excerpt from his site:

Here are my man shopping picks from Jack Spade:
1. Reversible Ventile Hat – $188  |  2. Single Rinsed Selvage Denim – $195  |  3. Waxwear Travel Kit – $155  |  4. Boat Canvas Anvil Duffle – $245  |  5. Burning Seed Matchbox – $42  |  6. Leather Merola Gloves – $175  |  7. Leather Flask – $125  |  8. Gngham PJs – $165  |  9. Ridged Leather Loop Kep Fob – $30  |  10. Grain Leather Credit Card Holder – $65  |  11. Braun Alarm Clock – $75  |  12. Woolrich Plaid Credit Card Holder – $95

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