Jammin’ in the studio: Bob Dylan

I know Dylan is not new or hasn’t released any new albums in a while but for quiet some time my husband has told me I have no option in loving Dylan, which resulted in me being completely opposed to the idea of even once thinking of liking his music. I tend to be stubborn when people tell me I have to cave to something and usually have to figure it out the longest and hardest possible way. Very normal for me. 

That all being said after many late evenings listening to great folk and Woody Guthry I have figured out that I do truly have no option. Every part of the music I love is influenced by this one man. His song writing skills are what transformed all following generations of music. I am not sure if there any one person since him that have been more influential. I am sure some of you would beg to differ with me but he is a poet and I have found that when I surround my everyday life with people as creative as him I have create better. So if you love folk, alternative, indie, or any great singer/songwriters I am telling you to start from the beginning and fall in love with the classic. 

If you still don’t believe me add Bob Dylan as a Pandora station and listen for a day it will surprise you what will come up when throughout the day. 

Happy Wednesday! I have a dentist apt today totally not into the idea of it but oh well I tell myself it’s good for me. 

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