Jammin’ in the Studio: Cold War Kids

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photo via Bt-dubs.com

I have been a fan of Cold War Kids for some time but I had to say when Mike played their new album Mine Is Yours the day it came out I got a little more addicted. I probably have driven through this album at least once since the day it came out. The fast rhythms, drum beats, and guitar jammin is a little addictive but the thing that gets me is front man, Nathan Willett, singing as loud as he can. The passion in his voice is what gets me every time and why I find it very inspiring to listen to during the day. There are not many people I know that wouldn’t enjoy their sound so if you are looking for a good album to enjoy all the way through go drop your next paycheck at itunes for Mine is Yours. 

It is hard to say my favorite but my itunes is telling me my fave song is Royal Blue, which is of no surprise I can’t get enough of the lines and Nathan just going full force. Let’s just say I am sucker for these guys, just a little…it’s bad when my husband tells me we have to stop listening to this we will wear it out…hasn’t happened yet. 

Happy Hump Day friends!

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