Jammin’ In The Studio: Cults

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As you know the reason I started this weekly column was to the music that was honestly jammin’ in the studio so when I came across Cults via one of my favorite blogs, Pennyweight, which if you are not reading Elise’s blog you are totally missing out! Change it now. She always has wonderful posts that are always inspiring and creative. She’s a talented lady! All that to say I knew I had to check their album out on NPR upon her suggestion that was it’s own post. Sure enough I was in love and now am possibly driving everyone else around me crazy listening to it on repeat. 


This real life couple makes fun and upbeat music that is perfect for that pick me up half way through the day. This is one of those albums you can have in the background during dinner with good friends or blaring at one crazy party. It is one to have on hand and that no one will complain about. Instead I am pretty sure they will all be asking who it is. 

Their album releases on June 7th on itunes so make sure to get it! This is a must for the summer.

It was hard to pick a favorite to share with you guys from the album but I love this one it just feels like something that would play while you float in the pool with a mojito. I love it! 

image via Cults

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