Jammin’ In The Studio: Ra Ra Riot

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image via: true endeavors

I just recently stumbled upon the music of Ra Ra Riot. Though I had heard of their stuff before I honestly had never taken the time to listen. Now I am wondering what I was thinking. As a huge fan of Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors I should have jumped on this boat sooner. 

To be honest last summer we jammed all summer to the album Discovery, which is in an LP side project of the lead keyboardist for Vampire Weekend and the lead singer of Ra Ra Riot. Crazy it took me till this year to take a listen. 

Now that I have I cannot get enough their most recent album The Orchard is this beautiful combination of electronic keyboards, strings, and lead singer, Wes Miles’ haunting and unique voice. It is hard to say no to the sound. Whether you are ready to celebrate the weekend or you are ready to chill this album can really hit any moment. 

It is happy and lively so if you are need a pick me up anything by them will bring a little smile or hop in your step. I hope to see them live sometime soon as many of my friends have said they put on one killer fun show. So if they are near you I would tell you to go and have a good time dancing and singing at the top of your lungs. 

One of my favorite “hey it’s Friday!” songs is Too Dramatic…check out their video for it below. 

Happy Wednesday friends!

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