Jammin’ In The Studio: The Crane Wives

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image via:  Thomas

It amazes me the talent that keeps surfacing in the Michigan area. I am not sure if it just is happening or if it’s always been there and I am just becoming aware of it, but The Crane Wives are another Michigan based band that you need to know about!

I was introduced to them via my friend Mae. She posted on Facebook about them and I have been waiting for their album release ever since. I am very picky about girl vocals and don’t listen to too many women singers, but the front ladies of The Crane Wives are extremely talented and their harmonies are something of heaven. 

The band hales from Grand Rapids, which is one awesome town along the west coast of Michigan. It is an up and coming area in the creative world. I would not be surprised if you begin to hear more of this town as the year continues to progress. 

The Crane Wives are somewhere between folk, country, and blues. Their writing is some of the best I have heard in some time and the more I listen to the album the more I fall in love with their sound, writing, and beats. So do yourself a favor and head over to iTunes and buy this album to add to your summer mixes. You can say you listened to them before they were even signed. 

Make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter.

Now check out this video to get the full experience of their band. This is a live version of their title track ” Safe Ship Harbored” at the River City Studio.


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