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Just 5: Butternut Squash Soup

The beauty of coming home has been that it has still been a little warm so I feel as if we have had the longest Fall possible, which makes me very happy. I never bought a pumpkin this year and when we came home they were all gone, but I have been trying to take in all the other squash we can while the season is still good for it.

Also since the weather is so wonderful we have braved the chilly wind to enjoy a couple meals outside. Don’t get them very often so why not. So today’s recipe is inspired by this warm weather and outdoor eating. What better to eat in this Fall-like weather than a soup. Oh and look for the surprise at the very end!!! I think you all will like it!

There are tons of butternut squash soups out there so I am trying to reinvent the wheel here, but I wanted to give you all a soup base that could take on some of your own creative ideas. The idea is for it to be good with just these 5 ingredients  but also allow you to add in your own twists where you may think of them!

What you need:

1 butternut squash
1 medium white or yellow onion
1 large apple (I used Honeycrisp)
1 container of broth (I suggest vegetable or chicken)
1 tbsp curry

Other ingredients you can add if you want to get creative: cumin, ginger, carrots, coconut milk, and many more…like I said this soup can take on a lot of awesome flavors if you want to get creative!

Begin by chopping the onion and placing it in a large pot with just a little bit of olive oil if you have a non-stick pan. Then add the curry and the chopped apple. Make sure to skin the apple before dropping in to cook. As everything is stewing together add the broth to keep things well moisturized.

Then grab your squash and your peeler and peel the skin off. I have an oxo peeler and love it. It has never failed me or cut me…knock on wood! Once it is peeled cut in to slices and then quarter the slices. Make sure to deseed the squash as well we don’t need those little guys for this recipe.

Drop everything in and let cook for about 30 minutes. In the meantime begin to set the table.

Before plating the soup you will notice it does not look smooth. You need to either insert an immersion blender to smooth it all out or place in a blender to smooth it. Either way works depending on what you have.

To serve, I shaved some fresh parmesean cheese and chopped fresh chives for the garnish. It adds great flavor and it looks pretty, huh?

For this lunch it was perfect that I had this linen pin-stripe table cloth from Horne as it is the perfect color to contrast with the color of the soup. Plus it is perfect for the weather today isn’t it? So pretty!!

The best part of this linen table cloth though is not just how gorgeous and classic it is, but also…

You all have a chance to win your own so you can set your table with soup and this table cloth for four. Kind awesome, right?! I told you it was a good surprise!

To enter head over to Horne Furnishingsand check out their shop, they have some amazing home items! Comment below with your favorite item from their shop. For an extra entry you can repin this image on Pinterest or leave a comment on the pin.

Then next week during the Just 5 I will announce who the winner. Make sure that if you enter that you are within the US as they will only be shipping within the US.

I am so excited to see who wins and how they pair it for a meal! Get entering you all. It is an awesome tablecloth!!

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51 Responses

  1. Making this soup for lunch today – regardless of my tablecloth situation! ; )

    I love the Modernica Case Study Planter (w/ Stand) – it’s the perfect balance of modern and MCM. PLUS it gets pots up off the floor – always an issue in my house.

  2. I love these photos Megan! Dining in the woods is so romantic too 🙂 I love the items at horne and put a lot of them on my wishlist already. But I think my favorite item on there is the Bjork Pouf! Too cute and versatile to fit any home!

  3. I really love the classic side table on their website..because it’s just so classic! And love the table cloth 🙂 thanks for the giveaway! And what a romantic meal set up in the woods 🙂

  4. The photography in this post is so beautiful! You can almost feel how peaceful it would be to have lunch in the woods. Plus, the recipe sounds delicious. 🙂

  5. I’m loving that Linen Tablecloth Grey + White Stripe. It would look great with the Chilewich Reversible Napkin that I also love!

  6. I love the whole idea and would totally totally use the tablecloth for a “soup swap” we are hosting in January! Beyond that, I also love the Boukhara plate – blue and so pretty!

  7. Nothing says fall [and winter] like squash soup. All of the things at horne are stunning- tablecloths, runners and all. But I love the feel of the linen tablecloth best. Perfect for a Montana fall, winter, spring, or summer day!

  8. Love your photos/text images Megan, you are such a source of inspiration! Never heard of Horne before – and now I love everything, especially the vertical garden that’s customizable and magnetic! It’s the best one I’ve seen yet!

  9. I’m excited to pin this recipe and try it soon!

    I have a warm place in my heart for coffee so the TinTin Coffee Pot by Nick Munro caught my eye instantly. Love it’s unique design!

  10. What a fun recipe and a great idea for a picnic! I cannot wait to try this recipe, as I’ve got a ton of butternut squash in my fridge currently!

    Loving the Hole Cutting/Serving Slab Long from Geoffrey Lilge on their website. I’d get a TON of use out of that!

  11. lovely stuff! i have a recipe for a soup almost exactly like this on my blog. sooooo good!

    my fave thing from home furnishings are all the credenzas. i am looking for new storage and those totally fit the bill (minus the actual bill…sadly too much $$$ 🙂

  12. What a cute idea– everything taste’s better outside in the woods! In lieu of following your trip to Paris + i am going there in a few months: my favorite item is the red french-like bistro set. Reminds me of wearing red lipstick on the Champs-Elysées.

  13. I love all things butternut squash. And the curry with a little sweet from the apple sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love that tablecloth as well.

  14. What a great tablecloth! I’d love to have a private space at our new house where we could host a dinner like this. As I said new house, so we’ll be shopping for some big purchases the Arabesco Wool Kilim Rug in red is great. (I also repinned the image you mentioned.)

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