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The last few weeks have been really busy between life and work. I have absolutely no complaints, but sometimes in these busy times my creativity wains. It may be one of the most frustrating things as a creative. Call after call of pitching ideas, developing new designs for brands, developing content for this space, and being present when we are with clients can really drain your creative energy. This used to scare me and leave me ready to give up, thinking gosh I am not truly meant to do this. Those times were bad especially because I was working alone and had no one to pick me up and say, “Come on let’s go take some time to refresh or we got to keep going.” At times it put me in a pretty dark place emotionally because creating is everything to me. I would feel a little like I had lost my capability to use my legs or hands for a period of time. Creating and making is such an extension of who I am that when it doesn’t pour as freely or come as easy as I know it should I feel pretty lost.

Here I am again, right now. I have been trying for nearly a week to develop the words and content I needed this week and gosh I feel pretty empty. I know now that this is normal and that all I need is to say is that I need some time to get lost in my own world. I need to make no firm plans so I can give my head the space it needs to float and relax enough to remember again how to flow well. Maybe it has happened from flexing the muscle too much lately, maybe I am tired, maybe I have relied too much on outside inspiration, or maybe I simply have not settled long enough in a while. I am not sure, but I felt I needed to share this with all of you.

After a weekend of working and some late nights, I am looking forward to taking time to be home and have some alone time for a while. I have been trying hard to not fill the calendar in order to give myself the space I need to be the best I can. Over the years I have learned that though I love people, my introverted self needs and wants the sound of my favorite record swirling in the air as the cool breeze blows in the windows. I need time to sit along the shore, watching as the water lapses with every breath. I need that stillness and I need time to take care of myself. When these things are removed I can find myself here, uninspired and with an empty creative tank.

I am pretty excited to find this time for myself and have some quiet the rest of this month and next. Even with a growing list of deadlines and to-dos, I try to leave myself the grace I need to do what I need in order to be the best I can be. Saying no is important, and I am feeling better at saying it a little more.

Have you ever had these times where your creative-tank felt a little empty? What do you do? Funny how it can creep up on you huh?

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