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As a blogger and a designer every day is like a whole new challenge. Each day presents an opportunity to learn something new. This whole world is new and ever changing and happening fast. So how do stay up on it all? How do you compete? Well I think that is the thing, it is not about the competition. It is really about keeping it real and staying true to you. Finding a way to create the way you want to and find your own style, voice, and always allowing for it to evolve as you do.

I struggle always to keep my head out of the comparison bubble and in my own work. To fight this I always try to find a way to create something new and different with no constraints. I try a new style I have been thinking about for a while and create something that feels new, fresh, and like me at that moment. When we try to be someone we are not, we grow further from developing our own style, which is the true desire of being a creative of any kind whether we realize it or not that is all we really want. You will feel the most satisfaction from creating in your own way than someone else’s.

Every day presents another chance to learn a new end of your style, a new process that will make creating better, and even a clearer view of who you are as a creative. The journey is never ending and always evolving but by challenging yourself everyday to explore deeper parts of your style and pushing what already feels too comfortable and familiar is super important.

I am currently working on challenging so many parts of myself through my process of designing and developing ideas. It is hard and no easy task and failure has been happening a lot, but I love the failing in some secret way, why? Because I always know from my own experience of failing so many times that when you finally do get it right it feels like you just won the lottery. It just means more wine will be necessary till I get there.

What are some things you feel you are challenging and learning about yourself as a creative?

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7 Responses

  1. well, i have a few things to share about these thoughts! first i work as a photographer, graphic and web-designer and i never studied any of these subjects, i simply turned away from psychology, which i graduated in, and the whole corporate experience i had and took a deep breath into a creative life. so right on this, and i i still feel in the beginning, i have that weight on my shoulders about the comparison with others do in those fields, particularly in graphic and web-design, where most likely others have studied for. then, there is the challenge of learning everything by myself, either by trial and error, either by subscribing to some sort of online studies or googling everything i need to know at that moment. i have been thinking about these topics a lot and just today i realized that by learning by myself i have been learning more on each day that on full months in college perhaps. i feel that i grow in knowledge and experience with every day that goes by and that feels really good. yet, i see so much, i dive into the work of those i admire, i observe, i read, i learn and sometimes i feel like one of them, other times, i feel like an outsider because there’s so much yet on my path. the only thing that i’m positive of is that i need to keep walking because this is my path and if i want people to believe and trust in what i do, regardless the education i have on my cv, i just need to keep doing what i do and above all things, stay true and honest with myself, and learn as much as i can in the way to develop what is meaningful to me.
    (whow longest comment ever… sorry!)

  2. Yes! I love this. I feel like I can never fail if I take those “failures” and turn them into an opportunity for learning. I struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the big picture and simply becoming impatient (and forgetting that it’s about the journey, not the destination).

    I find that not only creating but reading recharges and inspires me!

  3. This post really hit home for me. I have a really difficult time not comparing myself to others constantly, especially as I am just starting my own blog. I hope to find my own creative voice as you say, and I agree that it is like “winning the lottery” when you actually create something that is TOTALLY yours. I also love the graphic up top! The geometric design is awesome! Congrats!

    PS. Wine is the best friend for frustration :), I am lucky enough to live in Spain where it is amazing!! If you ever want any recommendations of spanish wine or recipes be sure to let me know!

  4. It is so tough to stay out of that “comparison bubble”, as you call it. I struggle with that a lot. Nothing helps me avoid it, though, like being busy with lots of projects. It is certainly a balance between learning from others, gleaning inspirations, and not focusing too much about what everyone else it doing.

    On another note, I love the graphic up top for today’s post! Did you create it?

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