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The living room may be one of the most important rooms to me. This is the room that is communed in, the one where wine is drink next to the fire into the wee hours of the night having deep conversation of life, love, religion, and design (in my case). 

This is where everything begins and where it ends in a home. You wake up in the morning and drink your coffee reading the paper or watching the news and return hear at the end of the day to relax all over again. So to me this is the space in your home that should be the center to your overall design aesthetic. Every room should work from this space almost like those brain mappings my husband always forces me to do when developing new names or logos for a business. Everything should tie into the main room aka the living room. 

You should be more than proud to bring someone into this space and have them feel that this one place has totally captured you and conversation can be started by pieces from travels favorite stores, or even your favorite consignment shop. This the place of beginnings.  That is why this space is almost as important as the bedroom. But we shall get there another time. 

Til then enjoy some of these spaces that totally strike my fancy. 
Happy Tuesday my friends!


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