Maison Scotch

Scotch and Soda has been an fashion obsession of mine for a while now and I have been so glad to see them expand in to a women’s collection that makes my heart skip a beat. I love Summer and the hot days on the boat and swimming late in the evening, but I have always at the deepest part of myself been a layering girl so the Maison Scotch line for Fall has me completely in love. The layers of pattern, texture, and color are everything I love about getting dressed everyday. Anyone else enjoy lots of layers in Fall?

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  1. AH! i am so happy you posted this! after loving scotch and soda and buying whatever i could find for my now-husband, i came across this line about a year ago and it’s one of my favorites. the lurex tee & the denim shirt are easily my favorite and i probably wear them at least once a week. i hadn’t seen any of their fall stuff and now i need it all. the crew neck with the square elbow patches? amazing.

    thank you for posting this!