Man Style: AMI

Normally when I look at Men’s fashion from Paris and New York it is something I wouldn’t suggest for my own husband. There are men such as my friend Grant that can wear anything and you will 1 not be surprised but 2 he can work it. Now Grant is an uber stylish man that can make a thrift store blazer look as if it just came from the New York Fashion Week runway without question. But I know most men don’t have that ability, which is totally okay.
So when I cam across the lookbook of AMI I was really impressed…it felt like all the things I love about J.crew’s men’s line but dare I say better. These outfits are practical, easy to wear everyday, and comfortable for any man. Not to mention my favorite part of each season were the models. I am always a fan of an unruly beard on men or even just some good scruff and I always enjoy seeing models that feel like my friends and these men do. They feel like someone I would meet on the street which makes the fashion feel more tangible. 

Any of these outfits are perfect for Fall men, take note. Think layers of various textures…tweeds, herringbone, knit of all kinds that are paired with denims and chino and some classic leather foot ware. Remember, when layering, think about contrasts in order to create visual interest to the style. 

Happy Tuesday friends!

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