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I think most of my life I have heard from guys that they feel like there is little variety in the male wardrobe world and upon first glance I would say yes! But I thought today I would set out and prove those thoughts wrong. Mike says to me all the time that he wants to have more punch in his wardrobe so this is for all you guys that are afraid of falling into the background. 
Let’s start form the top:
1 |  The Plaid Shirt: I am not talking about your dad’s plaid shirt here. I am talking about something bright, funky but still classic. Men’s pieces are more expensive across the board because their styles don’t change like they do for women as often. So buy a plaid like this J.Crew one and you will be able to pull it out to drop under a jacket for a casual business meeting or out to the boat over your swim trunks. 
2 |  A Bold Tie: Your office days don’t have to be mundane. No one tells you you have to wear certain colors, you just have to look good right? That’s why it’s okay to drop in a teal gingham tie with your navy suit and peach shirt. I have to say that George Stephanopoulos on GMA always impresses me in this department. 
3 |  Statement Cardi: Cardigans are not just for women. This is an awesome option for a casual saturday at the farmer’s market over a white tee and jeans or throw it over your normal office attire instead of your jacket. Believe me it will impress. 
4 |  A Modern Watch: So what if you have an iPhone and that’s how you tell time. I don’t want excuses! A watch, like apple watch bands, will always say I like clean lines, I value good design, and I could possibly be punctual. If I were a man, this would be my watch. It will begin conversation at a party and impress your coworkers when it slips out from under your sleeve during a meeting. Best part, it won’t break the bank at only $95 at Fossil.
5 |  Bright Shorts: So you have the essential khaki, navy, and white shorts, that is awesome! Now it’s time to get brave. My brother would tell me he wouldn’t know what to wear with those, well I will tell you. Remember that plaid shirt? Yeah go for it! It will look fresh. If you really aren’t brave enough for that go for a basic tee in a solid or stripes. I suggest always asking at the store for help if you don’t know. Stores like Gap, Banana, and J.Crew will always have someone who will give great advice in this area. But don’t steer away just out of not knowing what to pair it with. 
6 |  Orange Messenger: This guy is awesome! You may have your classic leather messenger or canvas one, which is great, but this one is perfect for times when you want to be a bit sporty. This can even be brought to office and when paired with that watch it will say  I am one well rounded man when you come riding in on your bike.
Maybe you work to live rather than live to work? Yeah this ones perfect for you!
7 |  Bright Toe Warmers: It always says something to me when a guy’s pants slip up to show a bright pair of socks. It tells me he has an attention to detail and that he loves life. If I could I would steal every black or white sock from Mike’s dresser and drop in these guys. Be careful not to look like a clown though. Base your color choice on either a tie or shirt color you are wearing. Your friends might give you a hard time but they will be over with their next paycheck following your lead. 
8 |  Crap Kickers: I was not a boot fan on guys for quite some time. It wasn’t till I met Mike that I began to fall in love with the idea but now I suggest every man have a pair. In the fall these can be your best friends. They will be different than any other shoe in your closet and the best part is you only ever buy one pair. These babies will be able to be resoled and retreated as you need so that $250 and up will seem a little less difficult to spend. These are great for going out in the fall with your darkest jeans and a white tee under a casual blazer. For real it will bring those ladies. 


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