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Today it is supposed to be 70 degrees. It is hard to believe it is March and it really is supposed to be that warm here. I am so excited for summer it is a little crazy since that is the real reason I love living in Northern Michigan. But since there is still snow out my office window and even though it is going to be 70 I will be perfectly content with this warm spell for however long it lasts. It is making me dream of bright yellows, wedge sandles, and of course colored denim. I did here a little tip on these target pants from Kendi Everyday to size up in order to get your size…seeing them in person I understood why…a 7 looks like a 3…EEK! I hope you get out today to enjoy the sun for even a little bit!!! We all can use a little vitamin D can’t we?

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  1. I tried on those kelly green skinnies from Target just last night and holy self esteem. The sizes in these run SO TINY, I normally wear a 6 and I had to try on an 11 before they fit! No thank you haha.

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