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I don’t know about you all but lately color has been super inspiring. Not just color but color with a little bit of a dark side. Thinking about Fall coming in less than 2 months seems sad but also fun to begin to pair in darker tones to your Summer wardrobe to make it more transitional in to a new season. Also thinking about using patterns to create more interest in an outfit and in your home has gotten me all inspired as well.

What items have been inspiring you?

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5 Responses

  1. found you via blog brunch (first timer!) and love the site! love these colors and agree.. after the bright brights of the last year, i’m loving the darker tones.

    question- do you read/buy bullett? been thinking about subscribing for awhile but haven’t yet!

    thanks for posting!

    1. So glad you found BB!!! So excited to meet and hear from new bloggers who have joined in. it has been such a labor of love for all of us so I am glad you are able to take advantage 🙂

      As for Bullett no…but after seeing it on Need Supply I think i need to. I am always looking for interesting new magazines. This may be my next one. A well done mag always makes for a good conversation piece in the house too.

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