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Going to New York last week only further increased my love for black and white, can you tell? Yeah I may have an issue, but hold in there I am sure it will pass in a few weeks…well maybe not…ha. On top of that, while I was there I became familiar with the Ernest Alexander brand and am completely in love. We partnered with them for our Blog Brunch event for the launch of our new website. The craftsmanship of these bags is impeccable and the whole team there is so fun and great to work with. Don’t you just love brands like that? I will one day have one these bags. Till then I am dreaming of that backpack for travel! I so suggest checking out their website and taking a look at their operation. I am 100% sure you all will be in love and for all you travelers, word on the street is these bags can withstand almost anything.

Happy Wednesday! Check back later for a Just 5!

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