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My latest obsession has been boots. It is still 70-80 degrees everyday but I want to wear them. I want them tall, short, or any way I can get them. I have almost worn my favorite ankle boots in to the ground and need to get them fixed up before Fall gets here, but I am thinking about having a back up pair and I love the ones that are showing up this Fall. These cute ones are just the right color and the straps make me super happy inside. It brings a level of motorcycle chic without it being too tough for me.

What thing have you been fancying this week? Is it a color you are adding to your wardrobe for the upcoming season maybe?

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  1. Have those boots pinned to my Shoe Artsy Some Love Pinterest board– love them! Definitely in the market for new boots in a brown tone this Fall– have completely worn out the pair I have!